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As our website gallery will show, our building contractors at Bricktec Building Ltd are highly experienced in a wide range of bespoke brickwork. From existing brickwork restoration to new brickwork installations, no one builds like we do. Our garden walls and patio installations don’t only serve a function; they transform the exteriors of homes and commercial buildings throughout Reading and the surrounding areas, adding style, practicality, and market value.

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No Job is Too Small for our Domestic and Commercial Builders

From small brickwork repairs to major reconstruction work, we’re the team to call first for all your brickwork and construction requirements.
  • Arch Restoration

  • Bespoke Brickwork

  • Brick Garages

  • Brick Sheds and Outbuildings

  • Brickwork Cleaning

  • Brickwork Renovations

  • Brickwork Repairs

  • Brickwork Restoration

  • Chimney Restoration

  • Decorative Brickwork

  • Garden Steps

  • Garden Wall Design

  • Garden Wall Repairs

  • House Extensions

  • Natural Stone Walls

  • New Brickwork

  • New Garden Walls

  • New Patios

  • Patio Replacements

  • Pavements and Driveways

  • Raised Flower Beds

  • Repointing Services

  • Retaining Walls

  • Victorian Brickwork Restoration

We work on several property styles, from new residential developments to heritage buildings, using our experience and qualifications to ensure our work is complementary to surrounding properties.

The Benefits of Masonry Construction

Working with brick is not a simple task; it takes a high level of skill and training. In business since 2015, Bricktec Building Ltd’s building contractors have continuously excelled in this field, exceeding expectations by creating artistry from these natural building materials.

Brick construction has many benefits, the most prominent being its safety. Bricks are non-combustible and, when used by capable and accomplished builders, become part of structures throughout Reading that can easily last several centuries. Even though many on the property ladder are leaning towards sustainable living and natural construction, brickwork is still the top choice for over 90% of the population.

It remains a cost-effective solution for construction as materials used in standard and bespoke brickwork construction are readily available. Not only that, our brickwork solutions offer better insulation and reduced external noise whilst considerably reducing the time spent on property maintenance.

Dirt and grime won’t stick to masonry, and the material won’t attract any infestation. Brick-built properties are less likely to be affected by moisture issues as well.

If you’re planning to build a new property or extension, or your home or premises could do with some brickwork repairs, contact our team at Bricktec Building Ltd. Not only will our bespoke brickwork services cover exactly what you’re looking for, but your new build or restoration project will make your property stand out.

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