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Are you running out of space in your home? Could you do with some extra room to accommodate a growing family, a lifestyle change, or a new work practice? Initially, you may think your only option is to relocate, but have you considered house extensions instead? Please read on to discover how our Reading-based building contractors at Bricktec Building Ltd can help.

No matter what property you live in – terraced, semi-detached, or detached – there is an extension to suit your requirements. Please contact us if you’re in any of the areas we cover and would like to know more.

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Space-Creating Solutions for Households

The house extensions designed and constructed by our team are as follows:
  • Single-Storey Extensions

  • Double-Storey Extensions

  • Side-Return Extensions

  • Rear-Facing Extensions

  • Wraparound/L-Shaped Extensions

Depending on the style and layout of your property, a single-storey extension might be sufficient for your needs. However, where extra space is required, such as additional bedrooms and more living areas, our building contractors suggest you look at double-storey extensions instead.

Side-Return Extensions

Usually chosen by clients of Bricktec Building Ltd who are looking for a larger kitchen space or private home office, side-return house extensions are suited for semi-detached and detached properties. Planning permission won't be required when the extension's width remains equal to, or below, half the width of your existing property’s original façade.

Rear-Facing Extensions

Also allowed under permitted development, provided the extension doesn’t exceed certain building regulations, rear-facing extensions are ideal for terraced houses. Extending the rear of the property can impact your garden area. Still, it also allows you to add a new patio area and incorporate both internal and external aspects of your home.

Wraparound/L-shaped Extensions

Where space allows, why not combine the best of both worlds and encase your existing Reading home in a new addition which adds floor space to the side and rear? This is a popular choice for homeowners who are attracted to the idea of open-plan living but still require privacy for working from home, downstairs guest suites, and secondary living areas.

Bricktec Building Ltd

We take care of the entire project for you. From design and planning to a turnkey finish, all aspects of the construction process are handled by our highly experienced and dedicated team of building contractors. We can also incorporate some of our bespoke brickwork skills, enhancing the exteriors of the new house extensions we work on to make them truly unique.

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