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From contemporary installations in Reading to natural stone patios in the surrounding areas we cover, your outdoor space reflects your property and personal style. Our building contractors at Bricktec Building Ltd design and install new patios for our growing number of clients, considering your plan for the outdoor space and how you want to utilise it. We don’t just build and go; we work closely with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality and you’re completely satisfied with the result. It’s all part of our professional and client-focused building services.

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New Garden Patio Design Services

Installing a patio at your home opens up a wealth of social opportunities. It allows you to spend time outdoors comfortably rather than sinking your garden furniture into a damp lawn following heavy rain. If covered by a pergola, for example, you can also use the space during inclement weather as well.
Our patios are ideal for homeowners who want to install an outdoor kitchen and dedicated BBQ area, and our building contractors can incorporate the necessary electrical facilities, plumbing and lighting into our initial plans for you.
New patios can be relatively private when surrounded by our new garden walls, fencing or trees. With urban properties located close together, this is an added bonus for homeowners who value peace and quiet without nosy neighbours or passersby interference.
By building flower beds and small feature walls – in a range of stones and timbers – we can create a dedicated patio area bordered by colourful plants, flowers, and lush herbs. Not only do these highlight the patio, but the bouquet will add an extra dimension to the new outdoor space designed and constructed by Bricktec Building Ltd. From your favourite flowers to culinary plants, we’ll source and plant exactly what you’re looking for.
For clients planning to rent out their property or perhaps put it on the market in the near future, adding a patio will add to both market value and general interest. Tenants, in particular, may be put off by gardens that require a lot of attention but instantly attracted to low-maintenance outdoor spaces.
Our building contractors at Bricktec Building Ltd will source whichever patio materials you prefer, colour matching your existing exterior where possible. Examples of the installations we usually carry out for our Reading clients are as follows:
  • Clay Pavers/Block Paving

  • Concrete Patios

  • Cut Stone Patios

  • Decorative Gravel

  • Marble Tiles

  • Natural Stone Patios

  • Porcelain Tiles

  • Sandstone Tiles

  • Slate Tiles

Fully insured and qualified in various construction services, we offer a 1-year workmanship guarantee on all installations.

The services associated with Bricktec Building Ltd’s new patios include the following:

  • Garden Patio Design

  • Measurement and Layout

  • Excavation and Drainage

  • Sub-Base Installation

  • Mortar Bed Installation

  • Brick or Patio Tile Positioning

  • Jointing and Sealing

  • Soft Landscaping/Planting

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