New Garden Walls, Patios and More | The Types of Bricks Used for Our Bespoke Brickwork in Reading

As building contractors in Reading, the team at Bricktec Building Ltd works with various bricks depending on the job. From house extensions to bespoke brickwork, new garden walls to new patios, there’s a different material to choose. For us, they are literally the building blocks of our success, and we are always happy to discuss with our clients which materials are best suited for their renovations or construction projects.

If you’re thinking about a new extension, external improvements, or any of the following professional services, please contact us at Bricktec today:

  • Bespoke Brickwork

  • Brickwork Restoration

  • Design-and-Build Services

  • Hard Landscaping

  • Natural Stone Walls

  • New Brick Walls

  • New Brickwork Installations

  • New Garden Walls

  • New Patios and Patio Designs

  • Property Refurbishments

  • Property Renovations

  • Side, Rear, and Wraparound House Extensions

  • Single- and Double-Storey Extensions

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Bricks Used by Our Domestic and Commercial Builders

From decoratively glazed bricks to fire bricks suitable for high temperatures and engineering bricks for larger civil engineering projects, various materials are available to construction companies. The ones used most often by our building contractors at Bricktec Building Ltd include:

Common Bricks

The most basic type of bricks used in construction, common bricks are typically red or brown and have a simple rectangular shape. They are versatile and widely employed for general construction, such as standard brick walls, foundations, and chimneys.

Facing Bricks

These are more visible and come in various colours, textures and finishes. They are often used in bespoke brickwork to create attractive exteriors. Weathered, rustic or reclaimed-looking facing bricks are particularly popular for adding character.

Perforated Bricks

Perforated bricks have holes running through them that improve insulation and reduce the overall weight of the brick, making them suitable for cavity wall construction in house extensions and new builds. The gaps also aid mortar adhesion, providing stronger bonds.

Hollow Bricks

Lighter than common bricks, these have hollow cavities, which also enhance insulation properties. They are used to construct partition walls, so perfectly suited for any internal structural alterations planned by our building contractors’ Reading clients.

Special Shaped Bricks

These bricks are custom-designed to fit specific architectural needs and play an important role in our new bespoke brickwork and restoration services. They allow our domestic and commercial builders at Bricktec Building Ltd to display our skills to their greatest advantage.

Sustainable Bricks

Sustainable bricks are produced in the UK using eco-friendly materials and production processes. Examples include recycled bricks incorporating reclaimed materials and low-carbon cement bricks.
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